hearts get fed.

Once upon a time, some families ate fluff bread. Everyday, they felt guilty, and some abandoned the fluff bread entirely. One day, their friend invited them to Bake Day. Because of that, they made bread in their oven for the very first time. They were so happy to have that smell in their kitchen and they were amazed how easy it was. Because of that, their family couldn’t wait to get home to that smell. They loved being in the kitchen together and even invited their friends over to enjoy it too. Until finally, they understood their connection to their past, their place in the earth, and their potential to feed others. They now bake fresh bread often and every time it brings a smile to their face and puts happy in their heart.

Join or organize a group Bake Day from your own kitchen. Get assistance, camaraderie and happy play. Fill your home with that unmistakeable arom-a.

“Give it a try definitely, its a new way to share a beautiful process and the success will certainly make you more confident with the bread baking experience. Plus you will always be able to share some beautiful bread with friends and family.” - Dolores G.

“Great experience, great support, and I made bread successfully!!!!” - Kerry L.

“ Crave was a fun and easy to follow learning experience. There was great "live" support, every step of the way! I especially loved the feeling of accomplishment and success😁🙂😊” - Gillian R.

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What’s a Crave Bread Bake Day?

It’s a genius way to learn to bake bread…

  • combined 45 minutes of learning

  • spread over 2 days event

  • you participate in from your own kitchen.

We’re not sure baking bread could be any more relaxed!

You stir up the dough before you go to bed on a weeknight .... you give it a stretch in the morning before you head out for your day.. you shape and bake it in the evening after dinner.

  1. Self-study in advance by watching how-to videos.

  2. Download detailed instructions and the recipe.

  3. Get added to a group chat with video capability so we can study your photos to understand your questions, give you advice, as you and others in your group bake your first loaf that puts a grin on your face that’s a mile wide!

We expect this might be your first time baking bread, and we understand it is intimidating to most people. Let’s just call this an experiment, so you don’t feel any pressure, and you can simply play and learn.

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Crave Bread Bake Day Participation Fee
Date & Group Options:

Friends who organize fun events belong in lights and we celebrate them here.

Your friend who is organizing a Crave Bread Bake Day was excited to do this and included you. When you join, we’ll ask you to select their name which tells us which Marco Polo group to add you to.

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What will you need? Watch the video below to see for yourself, or refer to the list below.

  • An oven with a bottom element that bakes at 450°F,

  • all purpose flour from Canadian wheat, [3 cups]

  • instant rise yeast, [1/2 tsp]

  • salt, [1/2 Tbs]

  • water,

  • a 10 - 16 cup bowl with lid,

  • parchment paper or reversible silicone baking mat

  • a covered 16 cup Dutch Oven,

  • cooling rack, and

  • oven mitts.

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We’ll give your group organizer a PC shopping link if you need some tools to bake your bread with.

You can help them earn discounts when you shop their link, and it’s all the same to you. Yay!

p.s. We love to share discounts as a thank you for being promoted. If you want some discounts, then consider organizing a “Crave Bread Bake Day” with a bunch of your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions.png

If not answered here, drop us an email in the box below.

Q. What time commitment is needed?

A. 3 time commitments:

1. 15 - 30 min to download, print and read the recipe and watch the videos.

2. 5 minutes to make your dough one day, a 2 minutes to scrape & stretch it the following day.

3. Be home for 2 hours to shape & bake your dough and let it cool.

Q. What is the advantage of a group Bake Day?

A. Bread is intimidating to most people. Shelly will personally watch your videos and answer your personal questions to help you be successful.

Q. Do I need parchment paper?

A. Yes. And you can purchase it at most grocery stores. Alternatively, if you have a reversible silicone baking mat, you can use that.

Q. Will you offer more of these “bake days” so I can learn more breads?

A. We hope to. Your feedback will be valuable, so we hope you fill out the survey on Bake Day.

Q. Why do you have organizers?

A. Organizers draw your attention to this event, let you know you belong, and encourage new skills in you. We didn’t know you before this, and so we are grateful to our organizers for introducing us. For our benefit, you become a customer. For your benefit, you get Shelly ”in your pocket” as your go-to person for bread skills.

Q. Could I be an organizer if I want?

A. Yes you sure can, after you participate in this event, assuming you love it as much as we hope you do. We’ll share more details on how later, but hold that thought please.

Q. How will I interact with Shelly when I have questions?

A. From your smartphone! You will be invited to share photos and ask questions in up to 2 forums: Join an exclusive Facebook Messenger Group, or be part of a Marco Polo group for video messages. If these are new to you, then you’ll get to experiment with one or both of these technologies. They’re all simple and free to use, and you only need internet access on your smartphone.

Q. What happens if I order a RockCrok and I don’t get it in time for Bake Day?

A. If your RockCrok does not arrive in time for you to try it out on Bake Day, you will automatically be given access to the next Bake Day.

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“I now feel that the best bread is one you make according to your own taste, with your own hands, that comes out of your own oven.

Bread is like life - you can never control it completely. Come to think of it, bread IS life.”
— Rose Levy Beranbaum, “The Bread Bible”
Crave Bread Bake Day Participation Fee
Date & Group Options:
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