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Welcome to this personal series from Shelly's Kitchen. We share some of our family favourites, show you in detail how to make them, give you the recipes, and the shopping lists for your phone so you can try them. We hope they become favourites for your family too!


Pasta Romano with Bacon and Broccoli

(Doug's pick)

Doug is a huge fan of Fettucini Alfredo, especially with shrimp.

This is a very similar recipe for a small price, with veggies built in, and bacon. Who can say no?!

Cheesy Shells & Italian Sausage

(Taylor's pick)

When there's hardly time, and not much in the fridge, here's a simple, delicious and one pot pasta. 

I added a cup of water after this video finished, btw as it needed a bit more liquid, but not flavour. Add more sausage if you like.

I show you how I make my own marinara in this video, which will save you $$ and takes only minutes.

Taylor loves to add even more spice to this. I like to add kale or spinach or zucchini (he HATES when I want to do that)

Grilled Chicken Ham & Swiss Wraps

(AnnaKatrina's pick)

We tried this for the first time when AnnaKatrina was 13, and at 19 yrs old now, she didn't hesitate to select this one as her pick in the series! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Pork Tenderloin with Pan Jus

(Jordan's pick)

Why this recipe, I ask Jordan? "It was the first pan sauce I saw, and it was just really good with mushrooms, onions in the pan deglazed with wine, stock & finished with Dijon.

(He remembers finishing the sauce with butter also, but I'm quite sure I didn't teach him that. I'm pretty sure he taught ME that!)

Adobo Chicken with Coconut Rice

(Shelly's pick)

Grandma Arch's Pancakes

(cuz we love her and these pancakes she served to many at her hunting & fishing lodge)

..and this is such a family stand-by, we can't NOT share it. Join us for breakfast for supper!

Tip for using Recipes & Shopping Lists:

I love having the recipe right on my phone in the grocery store, because I don't always menu plan. And when something is super fresh, on sale, or I just want to double check quantities or ingredients, being this organized feels awesome. 

I suggest using a PDF app like Adobe Acrobat Reader or iBooks, creating a folder called "shelly's kitchen recipes" (aren't I shameless?!) with these favs plus more. Never again fumble around and use up data to search for a recipe. 


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