“sweet!” they said

happily in Shelly’s kitchen.

What is more welcoming, comforting, and heartwarming than the smell of fresh bread? Or buttery pastries baking?

Maybe fresh coffee? How about all of the above?

Especially for weekend bakers - unsure, but game to learn especially hands on. Loving the intoxicating aromas that draw us together in the kitchen; anticipating the smiles, the silence as they sink their teeth in, the sighs of contentment.

What makes our baking workshops unique is the casual atmosphere, the confidence you gain, how your baking game elevates, the traditions you add to your weekend repertoire, and the feeling of being right at home!

Join me for Saturday Breads in my kitchen. View the schedule below and book your spots now so you don’t miss out.

Morning Class: Sticky Cinnamon Buns & Refrigerator Muffins

10 am - 12 noon

Coffee’s on by 9:30 am, so arrive early if you can!

If you stay for the afternoon class, bring a bag lunch. You can store it in the fridge.

Afternoon Class: Better with Butter Pies & Scones

1 - 3 pm

Fall 2019 Classes available :

September 21, 28

October 5, 26

November 9, 16

Wear your stretchy clothes! Aprons provided.

Sticky Buns & Refrigerator Muffins
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Better with Butter: Pies & Scones
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Sticky cinnamon buns just might become your family’s new chewy addiction.

My kids grew up with these, and they deserve to be part of your weekend repetoire too. Yup, they’re serious food, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in casually throwing together food we feel confident to make and to serve to the most discriminating guests. - Shelly

And an all-butter pie crust will spoil you forever. Learn how easy it is, and what a difference a butter crust makes. Make your own scones at home with simple tricks. We’ll make seasonal pies, and yes we use butter and wheat flour.

When I first attempted pie crust, my crusts had tears of frustration in them. I’ve learned a thing or two since then (from other home cooks, and trial and lots of error.) One of the take-aways of this class, is no baking efforts deserve so much pressure that they include tears. Practice learning to bake with resilience, grace and enough friendly tips you’ll get it right soon! - Shelly

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“I now feel that the best bread is one you make according to your own taste, with your own hands, that comes out of your own oven.

Bread is like life - you can never control it completely. Come to think of it, bread IS life.”
— Rose Levy Beranbaum, “The Bread Bible”