Pressure Cooking Step By Step Video Series


we’re creatures of habit…

and your digital pressure cooker wants to earn a coveted spot in your kitchen. Until it becomes tried, tested and appreciated, it risks staying in its box or worse yet, relegated to a storage shelf.

This video series from Shelly’s kitchen begins with the first step of running it through a cleaning cycle, how to open and close the lid, and all the little things that make using it the first time a trouble-free experience.

Learn an everyday family favourite that’s inexpensive to make, revolutionary in method, and delicious to eat - One Pot Pasta with Sausage, plus watch the possibly more daunting Salmon and Green Beans.

The pdf version of the Cooking Guide is here, plus a Q&A form to send Shelly questions which she will answer personally.

Once you’ve tried some of the recipes in the Cooking Guide on your own, watch some additional recipe videos so you can have success making:

rice pudding

butterscotch pudding


and more.

Save $$ by using your Quick Cooker more and avoid eating out. In just 1 or 2 quick-cooked meals rather than eating out, you’ll have regained your investment in this video series. Every time you use it and love it, you can thank your decision to get in the habit from the start. If you learn best by watching, save yourself both time and frustration by watching these videos as you get started with your Quick Cooker.

Here’s what one of our customers say about our video series:

“Shelly is a whiz in the kitchen! If you get the chance to watch one of her live-streams [videos], I highly recommend it! She'll show you things you didn't know you could do with the tools in your cupboards and make you wish for the ones you don't already own yet. She's full of knowledge and is happy to share. Any questions, she's ready with an answer!” - Tanya J, Georgia


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this video series relevant if I own an Instant-Pot?

A: Most of it is. However, getting started video is mostly NOT relevant as the steam release mechanism is very different in the Instant Pot.

Further, the settings for the recipes are coded for the Quick Cooker, although you can manually set your Instant Pot for an equivalent result.

Q: Do the Quick Cooker Accessories, such as the Ceramic Pot and the Springform Pan, fit the Instant Pot?

A: Yes they fit in the equivalent size Instant Pot (24 cup / 6 L). Although you would also need the Wire Rack, available as a Replacement Part. Contact Shelly for further details or to order them. 416.605.9476