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Lynn’s goal is to earn a free baking stone. You can help her do that when you shop for your own kitchen too. Bonus! For getting your order in by Sunday at midnight, you will receive a FREE Season’s Best Recipe Collection. You can submit your order in the message box below, or online with Lynn’s link or by calling Shelly for personal service at 416.605.9476.

FAQ’s of Lynn’s POP UP Page:

1) Yes, you may share this page with friends. They simply require this page link [it will not be visible from my site], and they must live in Canada.

2) Use the message box below to send me your questions and order request(s) or use the online link.

3) We can ship your order to your door for a nominal upcharge (if it ships to Lynn’s, your shipping will be a flat, discounted $6). When your product order is over $100, you will qualify for a free gift with purchase (see the guest special details below), and we will ship your order directly to your home for only 11%.

Here’s the message box to send me your questions and order details. My number is 416.605.9476 if you have any questions… I’m a text or phone call away.

- Shelly

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For some fun, here are some more videos of products we recommend you have in your kitchen..

How about a delicious recipe for you to learn?! It’s so fast and easy. I’m confident your family will love it!

Non-Stick Cookware

Shelly here: I add my 2 cents... I was pretty skeptical about our brand new technology cookware when they came out, ‘cuz I loved our previous Executive line. But they’ve completely earned their place as our go-to pans day in and day out. They’re performing like no other, and standing up to every day use too. My unexpected favourite thing.. the no-rivet design.. brilliant! And the removable handles make them super versatile to store. Although I hang most of my pans, this is super convenient when you store them in a drawer or cupboard.

If you could really use some great cookware and just can’t right now, consider having a POP UP or in-person cooking party of your own and you might earn it 1/2 price!


Thank you, Lynn for your recommendations and your referral. To all Lynn’s friends, I’m delighted you are here. I have 4 additional offers for each of you:

#1 - Shop now; add some exciting new tools to your kitchen. Qualify for the guest special when you spend $100+. Place your order by noon Sunday for an added bonus: a Season’s Best Recipe Collection.

#2 - Be like Lynn- host a POP UP shopping page with your own personal recommendations, and earn discount rewards and recognition. Here are the upcoming promotions you can take advantage of. When you read the following offers, you might be amazed at how much we value and appreciate your referrals to some of your friends who invest in our products. We don’t take that lightly, and we say thank you very gratefully.


#3 - Love it all, and want everything? Feeling a little entrepreneurial, and looking for a flexible side gig? Read up on our business opportunity here, or FB message me.

See complete details  on the Pampered Chef “Be a consultant” page.

See complete details on the Pampered Chef “Be a consultant” page.


4. Join me for a workshop in my kitchen. Click the link below for the events schedule.


Shelly Witzke

Here’s to the smell of fresh bread and many precious memories. xo