Skip chopping and dicing; still make it at home.

Maybe you start with a mirepoix, a sweat of onion, celery and carrots, or your eyes have already glazed over. If you’re in the latter camp, read on. You might fit into the new category of weeknight meals if you

love great food

shudder to think of your monthly food spend and

start mouth breathing at the thought of chopping and dicing.

The good news is, today your life might get a little bit easier. Pampered Chef is setting 3 new dishes under your nose, and they’re likely to become family favourites. Here’s a made at home alternative to meal delivery that will suit many busy families especially prepping for back to school. Have these in your cupboards next week.

Maybe you’re like me and you tried some meal delivery options. What I LOVED was not meal planning, delicious food, no food wasteage, and not having to buy small amounts of uncommon ingredients. What I didn’t love so much was still having to chop and dice, referring to the recipe cards repeatedly, the small portions, the inevitable gobs of packaging, and the the tight scheduling of fresh meat.

So what then? Enter another alternative with less spend, less packaging, less recipe reading and more flexibility in timing. Three family favourites: Ginger Sesame, Bolognese and Beef Bourguignon. These small bottles of goodness are concentrated, sealed, and come with simple instructions of what to add and use your pressure cooker for speedy, hands-free results.

Picture this: set your pressure cooker on the counter, add the meat, chunks of your veggies, empty a jar of meal starter sauce, add some water, set the pressure cooker and walk the dog/ run to soccer. Return home, lift the lid, and sit down to a family meal knowing what is in it, and how delicious it tastes, freshly made at home.

Watch to learn more. Get ready for back to school and back to routines with these tucked into your cupboard.

Here’s your grocery list to make

Beef Bourguignon at home:

  • beef stew meat,

  • red potatoes,

  • carrots, and

  • 1 jar of Beef Bourguignon Meal Starter.

Ginger Sesame Beef:

  • beef chuck, sliced,

  • 1 jar of Ginger Sesame Meal Starter,

  • rice &

  • broccoli

Quick Cooker Bolognese:

  • ground beef,

  • 1 jar of Bolognese Meal Starter,

  • 1/4 cup cream, pasta, and

  • Parm if you like.

All 3 recipes cook easily in the Quick Cooker (digital pressure cooker)

The detailed recipes are here. Get all 3 Meal Starters for $45.

You’re welcome!