Own your own biz! Our economy needs your entrepreneurial self.

In our growing gig economy, there’s huge room for your entrepreneurial self. Being in business for yourself often means being in business BY yourself and that can be daunting.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to grow your entrepreneurial skills in the safe environment of Pampered Chef, Berkshire Hathaway’s Direct Sales company with a mission to enrich lives, one meal and one memory at a time; why NOW will get your heart racing and move your foot from the brake to the gas pedal…

  1. You can start fall off with a makeover of your cooking tools that will have you amped about cooking! Seriously. If you choose our Ultimate Kit to join, you’ll receive over $1300 of new awesomeness.. for just $339. Score!

  2. You can be the first to demo Pampered Chef’s new Deluxe Cooking Blender from the comfort of your own kitchen, or the fun of your neighbour’s kitchen. Imagine how virtuous you’ll feel making more at home and including more veggies super easily.

  3. You can have cash in your bank account to pay for fall’s onslaught of expenses. As a commissioned sales person you work when it fits your busy life, and you answer to yourself. You move the economy forward, and serve an critical mission for families; yours and your customers’. Your sales skills as a parent will serve you well. And if you’re a sports fan, start listening to sports talk with sales in mind. You’ll be amazed how relevant it is.

  4. You belong to a fun, energetic group of fellow foodies while you hone your entrepreneurial skills. You gain a mentor, and if you’re like me, you will grow as a business person and a human. If you work another job, your new skills will serve you there too.

  5. Your start-up fee as a Pampered Chef consultant is to dream of. You can buy an Ultimate Kit for only $339. But wait it gets better until Aug 31st. Not only is it a dream price, but as an additional incentive for starting before September 1st, you’re offered realistic terms to earn a full rebate. Pampered Chef wants you to be successful and is pulling out all the stops to help you.

  6. Now, we have a new sweet power tool coming out Sept 1st., and as soon as you join, you are eligible to purchase this new Deluxe Cooking Blender 60% off. When you earn the rebate AND your sales commission while doing it, you’ll pay for the blender and still have $$ in the bank. Score big!

  7. If you have big goals, dust off your shoes, no one is in your way. Self-doubt is the biggest thorn to most entrepreneurs, and the support of a team makes a world of difference to understand we’re not alone in our self-doubt, and we learn to talk to ourselves like we talk to our kids. We‘d never tell our kids.. “oh don’t try hockey - you’ll be awful at it!”. No, we learn to encourage ourselves - “You may not know what you’re doing yet, but you’re DOING it!” You’ll support your own dreams and goals with some daring, willingness to learn, resilience and work. Imagine more of us bringing this kind of attitude to the economy. We’re all better for it!

Now, imagine having all these products in your kitchen that you earned for free. Yes just imagine. Jump on the gas, and let’s get going!


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You can also choose either of the other two kits, and still get a rebate.


If this opportunity speaks to you for someone else, please do us both the favour of connecting us. My number is 416.605.9476 and I’m honoured to earn your trust and referrals.

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