This blender might change how you shop and eat!

I can’t get enough of this blender. I made jam with zero mess! Whoa. It made nut butter for me, even while I was being a “scaredy cat”. It was roasted almond, cashew, sunflower seed combination, and smells sooooo good! Oh, and it cooked and pureed some soup for us.. no hands.

And.. my fav feature? The price. Seriously so much less than I paid for my other high-powered blender that starts with a V. Or wait.. It won’t start without the lid either. That’s really awesome too.

You may be wondering …

how is it different from other blenders out there?

would you actually use this one?

where you’ll store it, or even

how quickly does this baby pay for itself?

First, we think it’s in a class of its own with it’s power, cooking element, jam-cooking capabilities and heated-cleaning. We’ve even applied for a patent on it. Yes it cooks with heat. Even control cooks… like delicate sauces at lower temperatures to not scald them. It’s smart. It’s not blending constantly; it blends, then cooks, then ups the speed, then lowers the speed. All. By. Itself. It takes raw veggie chunks and serves up secret virtuosity.

Second, for many of the above reasons, you may actually use this blender simply because it’s smart. It knows how to do things you may not how to do manually. And the nacho cheese sauce, and gravy, and roasted red pepper & toasted walnut dip recipes are so delicious, you’ll ask your blender to make them for you the first day you get this. I’m using it for stuff I never could do successfully in my own $$$ blender.

Third, it stores under a standard cupboard, and you’ll use it so often, it deserves space. If you have a drawer, lift the container off it’s base and store them separately out of sight.

Fourth, priced at $449 compared to $749 for a comparable model, this is a runaway easy decision. There are blenders, then there are high-powered friction blenders, some new cooking blenders, and the prices vary from under $100 to well over $700. So when we dominate the category AND own the price, you’ll love the savings. You’ll make purees, jams, nut butters, alt milks, sauces, soups, gravies and even Hollandaise and so much more that you’ll eat better, eat out way less, buy more raw ingredients, and buy less processed foods. You’ll save $$$ hand over fist.

If you love having the newest and the best, you can order yours immediately and be using it within days. It comes with a straining sieve, tamper, cleaning brush and Cooking Guide with the recipes described above. And of course, my support. How lovely to message someone who uses it too and has a wealth of resources, AND who writes the best blog articles! wink!