New! Look whose parties went above and beyond!

20 years ago when I joined Pampered Chef, I had no idea how to host a fun and well-attended party. Some hosts seemed to have the “party gene”, and I didn’t seem to have it.

So I studied it. I asked them questions. I found out some simple but profound truths. And I now share them with my customers who aspire to have fun and well-attended cooking parties. My average has never been higher, and I’m super stoked to put in lights the names of my hosts in the first half of 2019 who went above and beyond. They either had sales OVER $1200, 3 of their guests each scheduled their own cooking party or both.

I call them my Caramel Club! Look and see who is here!!

Andrea Calomino (over $2000)

Ashley Fairbarn

Barb Reynolds

Denise Deacey

Makayla Hofer [Wedding Registry] (over $3000)

Nancy Cameron

Nickie Stockill

Norma Jones

Penny Chmilar

Shari Sartor

Sharon Moriarty

Shevaun Eeles [Wedding Registry]