Blast from the past. Women and men working together. A podcast.

A message popped up - “Did you know this??” And he sends me the link to an obituary from the past year. It was our old boss from 30 years ago and we end up chatting about the impact he had on both of us. A few days later we chat on the phone for a long while, catching up and reminiscing. He didn’t know until that day that I had my own #metoo experiences. At some point, he suggests I should come on his podcast. Turns out he gets questions frequently about men and women working together.

And that was how I came to chat with Christopher Lochhead at on his podcast Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different; a dear friend with whom my connection is always full-on no matter that we chat once every 10 years on average. Turns out, his podcast is legendary, his language is blue, and his giggle is still as infectious as ever. And I still love him dearly. Listen here: