22 Years In: What Women Are To Me

22 years after I retired at the age of 32, women are far more important to me now than they were then.

I had no idea how hard it is to be a mom. Were it not for the honesty and support of other women, I’m convinced my children would not be who they are today. That’s not to diminish the partnership of my husband, but women play a unique role for other women, and I’m indebted to many, many women in my life.

From friendly neighbours at my fence bearing peanut butter cookies and directions to the local Moms & Tots group, to women who have given me the shawls off their backs on a frigid day, I count many women as gifts to me. They affirmed I was not alone in my struggles as a mom, nor as an entrepreneur growing past limiting beliefs and fear.

22 years ago, I worked primarily with men. I didn’t have a sister. I had a husband and two young boys; then a daughter. Then more and more women who became like sisters. Over the years I developed appreciation for juggling competing cares, knowing who to call to feel love and support when I doubt myself, and being called out when I hide behind excuses.

Indirectly but indisputably, women have helped me create stronger bonds with the men in my life; especially my husband. As I’ve matured and grown into being a stronger woman, I’ve asked for more of him and he of me.

My young daughter has grown into a tenacious and daring young woman. She was named after three influential women in our lives and I see their legacies in her. So today, here’s to daughters who have strong women in their lives and entrepreneurial women who have each others backs and lift each other up. And a partner to grow old with.