When You Get A Mention, Warm Fuzzies Follow

Larissa texted me, “You’re a celebrity! You’re In The Hills”! I know she was somewhat tongue in cheek, but isn’t it every entrepreneur’s wish that someone notices their work? It surely was mine even if I didn’t realize it until it happened.

The feeling of warmth and gratification was noticeable as I pored over the mention of my workshops. [ahem.. page 88 in the Spring issue of “In The Hills” if you haven’t read it yet!] Toiling behind the scenes in any endeavour is not particularly gratifying. Heck, it’s why meal planning goes by the wayside all too often in my house.. it gets no recognition, it gets boring, and couldn’t someone else please plan what we’re going to eat, get the groceries and prep it all for goodness sake?

Like meal planning, toilet cleaning, and mirror polishing, car maintenance, and getting a new roof all fit into the same category of non-gratifying efforts in my mind. Efforts that if not done, will stare us in the face until we finally flinch, whether because the roof is leaking, the mirrors become grubby beyond tolerance, or our food spend shocks us into being plan-ish.

A little acknowledgement and recognition goes a long way to making and keeping happy habits. Pain and pleasure are the two main motivators in life, supposedly. Dirty toilets and mirrors are abhorrent, so that pain is to be avoided; that one’s easy. Car and roof maintenance.. yes, those are less easy, but can become excruciatingly painful upon breakdown, so, yes those are worthwhile too.

Meal planning? I’m not decided which category of motivator it falls into.. pain, pleasure or both. Pain takes the shape of counters that can’t be seen for the junk that covers them, frustration that vents from us while staring into a fridge that holds no inspiration, or the tightness in our chest when we stare at the credit card bill only to realize we’ve spent thousands on food. Perhaps the smell of fresh bread, frying onions and garlic, the heady aroma of simmering tomato sauce with herbs puts meal planning into the pleasure camp. Certainly, whichever is motivating you today, getting into the pleasure camp is infinitely more relaxing.

We hear about random acts of kindness. How about regular thanks for keeping the household humming? Speaking for myself, I didn’t grow up aspiring to keep my household humming. I didn’t have any clue that was even a thing, let alone a hugely valuable one. I was encouraged to think big and bold.. that I could do anything I aspired to do. Polishing mirrors was NOT one of those things. Nor was meal planning. And yet… I did aspire to being financially healthy, living in a space that inspires me, being physically and emotionally healthy. Ahem.

Alrighty then.. off I trot to polish the mirrors and prep my next meal. And if you happen to mention what a lovely job I did at either or both of those things, I promise I’ll get warm fuzzies. I promise to be grateful when it’s time to re-do the shingles.

And thanks, Janice, for noticing my entrepreneurial efforts! You’ll find me planning my next workshops in obscurity perched at my sunny window desk or at Starbucks with Mary, staving off my cabin fever.