Grace L., 9 yrs, wants her own drawer now.

Grace’s mom Andrea called me saying how much Grace L., 9 years old, loves her Pampered Chef Kids’ Baking Set, and that every weekend, she gets it out to bake. This, of course is music to my ears.

Here’s what Grace had to say,

“I love my new baking set. I make something every weekend all by myself because I have my own stuff. The mixing bowl has a handle which is great for pouring. The measuring cups are easy to read and are a nice bright colour. Everything is easy to read and to use. I love this set so much that I asked my Mom for my own drawer in the kitchen for all my baking tools.”

In the photo above of Grace, you can see the now beloved baking set she got in December 2018.

I say - ‘You go, Grace! And thanks for the plug! Here’s a recipe I suggest you try - recommended by my own kids who were so proud to make these whenever I would buy bagels and wieners for them! They too, had their own PC baking tools that I was expressly and loudly forbidden to touch! This recipe is from the “Let’s Eat” kids cookbook from many years ago. Please have your mom write to me when you try them?’


Research says that kids who learn to cook by the age of 8 are 50% more likely to cook 5 or more meals from scratch when they grow up. [1] Wow. I think that’s pretty impressive. Did you also see that Canada’s new Food Guide recommends cooking from scratch and eating together around the dinner table for our health?

I’m not sure if wieners are in the Canada Food Guide, but clearly kids who love creating fun things are going to be inspired to make even more things!

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