My favourite type of vomit

"Bee vomit is my favourite type of vomit!" Josh tells me enthusiastically. I’m momentarily at a loss for words.  I run to the chalk wall to write this before I forget, as we all start to laugh.

Before and After School Cooking with 11-13 year olds is way more fun than it sounds. My first ever attempt was a resounding success by all accounts. The moms are enthusiastic, the boys are too, and I'm reminded why I love this age.

Evan’s wry and quiet humour is pun-ny: “When you eat crumbs, you feel crumby”. We made homemade granola bars, and the boys all opted to use their hands to mix the bars. And yes, there was a lot of hand-licking afterwards. (not to be confused with hand-wringing)

Ryan made a point of adding his sage advice to the chalk wall before he left: “The job’s not done until the dishes are done.”

When I ask if they’d like to do another cooking class, I’m stunned by their quick replies and requests.. "Strudel – I really want to make strudel. I don’t know what kind, I’ve never had it, but it looks good." " Lemon Meringue Pie! Pecan Pie! Cheddar Soup! Chicken Noodle Soup! sure, Pizza."

New-found confidence is exhilarating evidently for both the boys and for me. We’re planning the next one and my game just went up a notch or 3!