Ah. A Tool !

Jordan was a baby, that's how long ago this was. (Ya, the guy whose arm you see in the photo above!) I thoughtlessly handed a pastry cutter to my novice-cook husband. It kinda changed my life. I don't know if it's his male gene or his mechanical engineer's brain, but it wasn’t long until Doug was cursing the design of the pastry cutter I handed him. As I gaped at him in his frustration, me thinking, "it's just how they work!", it dawned on me there could be a better design. Wait.. a tool is supposed to make the job easier. Ah.

Years later, working in a friends kitchen, brown specks kept appearing in my dessert topping. Stumped, I turned the whisk upside down and spied the origin of the specks.. rust up inside the handle. Ah. A tool! I understood perhaps why my friend hated to cook. Gah.

Confidence and frustration are opposite results, and the difference maker is often a well done tool! When it turns out just like the photo, or you imagine a choir singing as a cake tips out effortlessly, or your husband sighs as he slices through fresh tomatoes, it's the tool. And the unseen, thoughtful people behind it.