Enter "courage in our kitchens".

Enter "courage in our kitchens". Exit "scratch food; even weeknights"

What “showing up” means to me today is sharing the deepest and most uncomfortable parts of my journey with my tribe. And so I share this tag line change.

Why the tag line change? When your “board of directors” looks away, it’s not a good sign. So I boldly asked these two friends.. do you find “scratch food” a bit judgy? “Not a fan”, replies Sandra. “I agree” says Melissa. I’m not going to lie, the honest feedback hurt a wee bit, but I’m into growing, so I abandoned my fledgling protest.

I still aspire to encouraging my tribe to make more food from scratch; even weeknights. But I aspire even more to be approachable, encouraging and inclusive.

I may do my best creative work while asleep or in the shower, and I am deep into Brene Brown’s “Dare to Lead” so “courage in our kitchens” felt right as I woke up recently. (Anyone else working through it?)

“Courage in our Kitchens” means many things to me. For now, it means:

  • paper towels instead of napkins even when we have guests and not feeling like I let someone down or didn’t measure up.

  • ignoring the drive-through and the begging to make breakfast for supper when we get home to stay true to my word and my budget.

  • putting sunflower seeds in the granola bars even when someone calls it bird seed. (it’s not that they don’t like it or won’t eat it.)

  • asking my girlfriends for advice when I doubt myself. And being willing to take their advice. Thanks Sandra and Melissa.

Welcome to my messy life having a business in the kitchen. Welcome to my journey to change the world and make our kitchens our family’s happy place.