That you care touches my heart

You know that moment when you meet someone and they look not a scrap like you expected? Ya. Those are our neighbours at the food bank nearest us. (Most of us may not even know where that is.) And they have challenges and heartaches we don’t know about. That you care, though, touches my heart.

In September during my Customer Appreciation Event, I set a goal (honestly, I randomly picked a round number out of thin air) of 100 Kitchen Paring Knives sets. I also reached out via email to ask for support for my goal, and many of you responded. And several of you have asked how the goal is going. The latest number is 51 sets of 100.

I think that’s fair progress. Turns out some of you think it’s stellar progress! So, I’ll take stellar. 51 meals is definitely worth celebrating! And I’ll keep going. Why? Because for each set, one of our neighbours in Canada receives a meal. And I happen to know that our neighbours who get this helping hand receive it quietly and with grateful thanks. And that 45% of them are kids whose parents are going through a rough stretch.

We all love to feed people. So 49 sets to go.. who wants one? $11 all in. [grin] Email me today and I’ll update this post.

Many Thanks to:

Joanna, Pauline, Winona, Joanne, Patricia, Judy, Barb, Marjorie, Cathie, Lori, Maja, Barb, Jelaine, Nancy, Scarlett, Heather, Judy, Liz, Erma, Rose, Margaret and Julie.