Meet Shelly Witzke

Shelly once remarked at one painful moment in life, how often she entertained was a measure of how content she was with her lifestyle. A creative woman with a stubborn streak, Shelly retired from a career in the software industry at the ripe age of 33 to change lifestyles. She became a willing entertainer to housefuls of friends and family, as she and her husband raised 3 children around the kitchen island.

With the teen years now in the rearview mirror, the memory lingers of how quickly all, but especially food budgets can spiral out of control, and add unnecessary stress to life.  Always a from-scratch cook and baker, Shelly became a student of the kitchen as a Pampered Chef Director, trying out new recipes, techniques and product developments, and demonstrating that learning never stops, and today is an entrepreneurial role model for her kids. She brings her wisdom as a mom, experience as a student of the kitchen, and natural creativity to change how you cook and how you view your kitchen. She'll patiently demonstrate tips, hacks, gush about a new tool that she just discovered, and draw you into the world of food made with love, from scratch, and fast enough for even the craziest days. 

Watch, learn & get involved as Shelly

  • inspires you with her story, and the stories of customers 
  • walks you through making fresh, family-friendly recipes
  • shares honest advice as a mom
  • boosts your confidence to cook from scratch and sometimes even without a recipe
  • encourages your heart by opening her kitchen and her heart to you
  • shares practical tips and advice so you always have ideas, great tools and support.

Get to know Shelly through her video series, choose her as your Pampered Chef Consultant when you shop online, book a workshop or cooking class for your crowd, and have her customize your Pampered Chef kitchen.

Her goal is that you take back your finances, feed your body and soul, and dish up lots of love. And when life is fast, that you consciously slow down, linger over a meal, breathe and smile.



WE believe in:

Including the kids in food prep

Investing in great cookware & knives

Being a student of the kitchen

Creating a zen kitchen 

One pan meals 

Breakfast for supper

Virtuous veggie hacks

Sit-down dinners

Homemade desserts

We believe in the infinite potential of the kitchen. Where:

  • our kids learn more life-skills than cooking
  • we hear about how someone’s day went
  • we connect first thing in the morning, at the end of long days, and hang out on leisurely weekends
  • we transform our groceries (raw materials) into meals (finished goods) that feed our bodies and souls
  • we're drawn to sounds, smells, aromas, and textures that attach themselves to our memories, triggering people & places with one whiff
  • we get to hang with our teens sometimes for tiny sweet moments
  • life is real, the food isn’t always perfect, but it’s happily satisfying
  • what’s inside our cupboards may be more valuable than the cupboard itself
  • we resist the tide of lunch bags, flyers, pens and debris that threatens our sanity
  • our real selves show up in all their messiness

While other companies move in the opposite direction with on-demand, packaged food, creating more financial overwhelm, and disconnection from the earth, we believe our kitchens can be the centre of our daily grind, and our happy place.  The big pay-off for these often-messy weeknights is precious memories, more $$ in the bank, healthier bodies and a feeling of deep satisfaction.